New Trial of New Design

Dear Reader,

For those who read this blog for the first time, let me introduce what all this is about… “Yeliz Anlatıyor” can simply translated as “Yeliz Expresses”. You may ask expresses what? Her feelings, her opinions? This part is left blank intentionally because I wanted to feel free and amateur as much as possible to discover myself during this writing and meeting with the audience adventure in here. I hope you find this blog corner worth to spend some time on it.

All I expect is that there are variety of people all around the world and consequently there are different frameworks of opinions, perspective and their reflections. For that reason, please try to keep this in mind and try to force yourself to think in my shoes. Because all I try to do is the same in here, try to approach to the different issues from different angles and get the essence of the life for myself.

So far since I guess 2016, the blog was in my native language, Turkish. However, as of today, I reconsidered my options and decided to write in a bilingual manner. Here is a new challenge for me and it sounds exciting. New blog posts will be posted in a bilingual manner.

I hope you will enjoy this novel adventure with me. Please feel free to contact me via commentaries at the end of each blog post. I really would like to have some feedback 🙂

**P.S. I’m not native so there can be some punctual or grammatical mistakes… Apologies beforehand 😀

With very best wishes,

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