Importance of a Laughter in Turkey

What makes you laugh?

Smart jokes makes me laugh like crazy… People tell that I have very characteristic laughter. Some of them resemble it to Adile Naşit with a louder version.

Laughing is a very important thing in my own opinion. We, Turkish people have huge and very characteristic sense of humour that I really admire of. Here in Turkey we have very interesting points of views about everything… For that reason I found myself laughing at very hard circumstances.

A standard Turkish Joke which can make me laugh is about finding commonalities of the photos or video shots with something nothing close by but comes to the same meaning somehow. It’s hard to explain what I mean, believe me… The evil look of a soap opera character for instance may look like freezed screen shot of a politician with a même. There are tons of twitter accounts which can make my day better just with professionalizing on this kind of jokes.

I believe the underlying reasons of such an extreme creativity and hunger for laughter in our country is many folds. First of all, we are living in a difficult geography. Nowadays, we are hosting too many people who are not originally from Turkey. Of course, the issue is not hosting them temporarily… We don’t know whether it is a temporary situation or not. Moreover, even if they will stay permanently what will be the conditions and terms of their citizenships or staying conditions? Nobody asked the regular citizen their opinion and currently without paying any weighted tax, without too much effort, they are living a very luxurious life in Turkey. Life may not be fair but bringing the balance of justice is the role of the state and the government. When we are oppressed in our home town, in the places that we called our home, we are really needing laughter in our daily lives for keeping our psychology in normal state. Multiply this scenario for women, who are regularly undermined by men somehow, young people who are regularly cannot have hope or vision for the future thanks to the recessions in their education. For elderly who has to work at his or her retirement age because foreigners somehow have more advantage in terms of finances and they increased the flat rental prices for instance.

On the other hand, I believe in many many long periods of time, we forgot how to negotiate and bargain about share the pie we have. The reason for that is Justice is owned by politics and distributed simultaneously. As a regular citizen, you can witness disputes of not just ideologies but also disputes about color of A4 photocopy paper which is commonly accepted as white. People can try to convince you that it is black or purple because we mostly forgot what our common priorities are as Turkish Republic citizens. That’s because we need to laugh and forget the weight of the guiltiness we have.

When we laugh like crazy or too loud with joy, sometimes people feel some positivity and envy to each other. In these circumstances in Turkish we say, “Allah ağlatmasın”. Meaning, The God may not let you down or cry. I heard that so many times, not because I’m blind or insensitive but because I don’t want to lose my hope of bright future. Laughter is the antidote of the many things but mostly the the enemy of the all the evil in the world. Let’s cross the fingers and give a huge smile and then a laughter to the all evils live in Turkey!!

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